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APG -Alkyl glycoside

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APG -Alkyl glycoside

Alkyl glycoside (APG) is a new generation of non-ionic surfactant developed in the 1990s without using petroleum derivative raw materials. It is synthesized from natural fatty alcohol and glucose under the action of acid catalyst. It is a mild, non-toxic and biodegradable non-ionic surfactant with excellent wettability and compatibility and less irritation to human body. The raw materials are renewable agricultural products (mainly vegetable oil hydrogenate, higher fatty alcohol and starch hydrolysate glucose), so they can be rapidly biodegradable and are known as "world-class" surfactants. APG, as a surfactant, is mainly used in household washing, personal care and pesticide products, and also has a small amount of applications in the fields of papermaking, petroleum, textile and printing and dyeing.

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