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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

2022 is a year of uncertainty, with repeated epidemics and the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian conflict... In the face of uncertainty, our natural response is to let ourselves stay in the comfort zone, such as cutting the budget, such as strictly controlling the number of people, to wait for the industry to recover and bring back the familiar sense of security. But can these methods really help enterprises resist uncertainty? Not necessarily, because in order to win the competition, enterprises must not only control costs, but also obtain competitive advantages through continuous innovation. But how to innovate in an environment full of uncertainty? Innovation needs to see trends, and innovation needs to do enough redundancy, that is, to do difficult and correct things with a common mind. OPPO has been developing folding screen hinges since 15 years, continuously innovate, and successively develop 16 generations of hinges, but there has been no mass production until this year. Only 233g find n2 was launched, which is lighter than some straight cell phones. On the surface, innovation is hit by inspiration. In fact, innovation comes from the redundancy of the 16th generation hinge and 1080 patents behind it, which means that innovation requires insight into the trend, and innovation needs to be redundant. We all want to get certainty and grasp certainty, but perhaps more important is that we ourselves should become certainty. Only those who can persevere in winter can win the competition in spring. This is the value of innovation. I hope we can also spare no effort to persevere in innovation and make ourselves certainty.

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