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Who We Are

Our company is in Spain. We are professional chemical distribution and agency company, and provides relevant services around the chemical business. We are mainly engaged in various intermediates, fine chemicals, and functional additives, and are committed to providing partners with market increment and benefiting from the increment. On the one hand, it acts as an agent for the sales of chemical intermediates from India and China to Europe and American, on the other hand, it opens the Asian market for European products.
What Do We Do
  • Chemical distribution and agency
    1. We cooperate with our suppliers to develop customers together, so that we can provide service fees and discounts according to the specific conditions of customers. 
    2. In order to complete the product delivery or other demand of customers, suppliers need our company to participate in helping finance parts and on-site plant problem solving service.
  • Procurement and OEM of chemicals
    1. Purchase service for several small raw materials, we can help to buy each small size of materials and manage and deliver to customer together, to reduce the customer's procurement labor cost, and zero inventory in customer 
    's warehouse or consignment service.
    2. Find more qualified suppliers with appropriate prices and sustainable development for customers.
    3. We provide mixing or synthetic OEM projects of 100-1000 tonnage products in China. 
  • Independent third-party related services
    1. Preparation of relevant chemical documents and Market Research Report.
    2. Supplier audit and risk consultation. 
    3. Sample testing and delivery. 
    4. FCL/LCL business, import and export customs clearance agency and accounts receivable problem solving. 
    5. Mixing, sub packaging, relabeling and warehousing services.

Why Us

Opportunities and risks coexist in developing countries, especially in India and China, which are major chemical countries. Risks such as quality, reliability of delivery and safety of payment for goods are inevitable concerns of every customer. Our team in Asia can solve such problems to ensure the success of customers.


Teams engaged in Chemistry for decades are in China and India.


localized operation has stronger problem-solving ability, high efficiency and reliability.
Steady Supply Chains
Customers want more stable supply and qualified products. We understand. We hope to grow together with customers as partners, not only just a supplier.
We have an experienced team, which has been engaged in the operation of hazardous chemicals for more than 20 years, and is well versed in the business purpose of safety first.
Plant Support
Not only trade products, we constantly improve our product research and production technology, which comes from the support and help of our factory.
Valladolid, Spain
About us
Our company is in Spain. We are professional chemical distribution and agency company, and provides relevant services around the chemical business.


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